Welcome! So what is this all about?

Thanks for checking out my blog. The plan is to use this to talk about baking, post some recipes, and be able to engage directly with the baking community. Some of you may know me from “The Great Canadian Baking Show” and if so thanks so much for your kindness and support, and for those who don’t you should check it out! All three seasons are now on Netlfix Canada.

What do I hope to accomplish? Good question!

This is something that will grow and morph into whatever it wants to be. I’d love to talk about everything from baking to kitchen hardware (equipment) and software (ingredients) to styling and presentation. Trust me, I learn something new all the time, and this is a way to share it. This will more than likely include a healthy dose of sarcasm, fun and social commentary.

To help us get started, I’d love to get some question from you about baking. Drop me a note in the contact form and let’s get this rolling!

Published by Jay Smidt

A semi=pro baker from Cantley, Quebec Canada

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